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April 8, 2017

February 28, 2017

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January 1, 2014

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An MACCT kind of year!

October 14, 2014

There is no reason why my IdeasTap friends shouldn't see what my Facebook friends see so here's an old post from last month about one year as a masters student:


This post is a bit late but I've had to take time to process it all. It has been one incredible year doing the MA CCT course at one of my favorite schools; the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. Since my first year of undergrad in Gothenburg I've wanted to apply to this school, to do a BA in Acting. I didn't know how or if I should. Sitting in Vienna one incredibly hot evening I found a summer school in Shakespeare and the Greeks and I jumped on that chance. I came very close to cancel it all. I am glad I didn't. I met some of my best friends there. I had one of the strongest theatre experiences there. I was taught by some of the best teachers there. I got my mojo and my passion there. There I decided to stay in the UK.


So the audition process began. I came to the last round twice in a row. Second time I was aksed if I considered the MA. I said yes. Obviously after that answer I didn't get into the BA. I talked to a drama teacher I had, who I respected above everyone else, and she was very hesitant about my getting in. I, stubborn as I am, decided to prove her wrong. Did I have a BA? No. Do you need one? Oh yes. Was that going to stop me? Nope. And the rest is history. My favourite memory is still the look on her face when I walked through the doors as a Fresher. One of incredibly few Swedish actors in the history of the school and accepted on a non-standard entry.


She became my teacher in the first trimester and I knew that I had changed her mind about me as an actor. And I knew I would have a rocky road full of obstacles and work ahead of me, with tons of people not wanting to give me a chance but I knew I would also be fine. Somehow. I wasn't prepared for the brutal truth but in the end I came out of this programme stronger and better. After all, it's why I went into it. And what a year!


A year ago I never thought I'd stand and perform at the Globe Stage in London as Helena in "All's Well that Ends Well". Or be a part of the incredible Mayfesto at Tron Theatre in Glasgow, performing in one of their flagship productions "Our Country's Good" as well as doing the first Scottish performance of "A season in the Congo" as a rehearsed reading. Or develop an amazing show like "Blind Eye" together with the indrecible playwright Isabel Wright, to be toured across the country. I have met some wonderful people this past year and now more than ever am I excited to see what the world can offer and what I can offer in return.





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