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April 8, 2017

February 28, 2017

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January 1, 2014

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The Last Equinox

March 9, 2015


I'm so excited to announce my involvement in this amazing production!


The Last Equinox is a dark fantasy loosely inspired by Scottish folk legends and mythology. It is set within the fictional village of Artairhan. The villagers once relished in the legend that human sacrifice was a necessary tradition to stave off black magic – aware that each offering could only grant the forest a further 100 years of existence. It's been 100 years and the fate of the forest hangs in the balance...


The story is seen through the eyes of five characters; Jillie, Trev, Jinx, Will and Rebecca. I play Rebecca Ambrose, a reclusive and candid college girl, who follows her friend Will Sullivan into the forest unaware of the legend it holds. Unlike the others she has little to no faith in legends and myths and certainly couldn't care about the history of the forest or Will's ernest insistence on its truthfulness.


The more I play her the more I fall in love with this character. First week of filming is already over and I'm so lucky to be working with such an amazing cast and crew in the beautiful location that is Gartmore, Scotland. There's something about being surrounded by mountains and forests that I love. Another week to go and I can't wait. More pictures will be up on my Facebook page shortly, so click on the link on the right and check it out!


For more info on the production follow the blog: https://barbarianandscallywagproductions.wordpress.com/

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