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April 8, 2017

February 28, 2017

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January 1, 2014

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Everyone wants to change the world...

March 29, 2015

... No one wants the responsibility.


 "Everyone wants a magical solution for their problems

and everyone refuses to believe in magic."

- Jefferson


There are those who will talk till they get heard, they are those lights that burn brighter through no ambition of their own. Because their fire is that of justice, of peace, of humanity. They create the ripples of freedom and while they may not know it, not now, not ever, they touch us. They inspire us to be the best we can be, and they spark that desire. The desire to spring into action and the courage to fight back. These people risk it all for the sake of what they believe in, what they love. They dream and they do something about it. I have my heroes. Mandela. Gandhi. Angelou. Luther King Jr. and many, many more. Legends, legacies, humans, lives which will never be forgotten.


And then I hear all those people who look at the heroes and say "I don't know how the f*** you did it but it's not possible, not anymore, the times have changed." The times have changed, is that our excuse? Does that mean that fairy tales have gone out of date? Because I don't believe that.



While being a brilliant musical overall Into the Woods showed a more general public that there's nothing outdated or childish about these stories, it took the fairy tales and turned them on their head. Cinderella is a girl like any one of us who gets caught up in a whirlwind only to go "Hey, wait a minute!" In the cinema I was in there was cheers.


So it makes me sad, to watch the people walking by me on the streets. There are so many sad faces, so many trying to blend in with the crowd, wanting to stand out by becoming invisible. I see what people write to me, I see the look in their eyes when I meet them. I think it's far too common among the people of this business and any business really that requires passion and dedication and a way of life. Because it is my point of view I can only take this example; when someone asks you what you do and you reply "I'm an actor", as if it was something to apologize for. Like saying "Sorry, it's what I do and I can't really do anything about it because doing something else would drive me up the wall but I'm still going to apologize, soz". And I just want to tell them: "You are what you love, be proud. You are the star someone is looking for. If you can do one thing for me, don’t regret anything. For at some point in your life it was exactly what you wanted and what you needed to get here." But public social norms don't allow for that kind of outburst, nor is it at all times justified, so here it is instead.


"Be yourself, everyone else is taken."

- Oscar Wilde


After much consideration I've come to the conclusion that trying to be someone else is just a waste of time. We all got our bruises, our wounds and our scars and we can choose to wear them with pride or with shame. I choose to be proud. I’ll never censor my voice for someone else. I am the way I am and my mind works the way it does because I’m not you. And that's a good thing. You're you. If anyone ever, ever give you grief over who you are; tell them to effing deal with it. We can all choose who we want to be. An actor chooses many faces. Many characters who add up to one. Because a character cannot exist if it does not exist within the actor. It is impossible to be something you’re not. But it is possible to find the something not within yourself. Which is why, when people say that it is not possible for a person to change – they are so wrong. It is always possible.


If you choose to.


If you are brave.


If you have courage.

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